A Week at the Beach!

Everyone has a different image come to mind when they think of the 4th Of July. For some, it’s a glistening firework burning amongst the stars; or perhaps a delicious hot dog smothered in all the fixings, from sauerkraut to chili. Well, for me, it’s family, friends, and sharks!

I traveled to Cape San Blas, Florida, last week to celebrate the exciting holiday and to spend some much-needed beach time with the people that I love. My boyfriend, his family, and their family friends travel down to this beautiful -yet hidden – part of the world every summer to enjoy the sunshine and fish for sharks. Don’t worry! We’re not talking great whites like in Jaws, but many other beautiful species that are purely caught and immediately released back in to the water. Unlike most of Florida, this paradise has remained mostly untouched by tourists and businesses, therefore keeping the sand white as a sheet and the water a stunning emerald green.

It’s a wonderful place to vacation to, especially if you have little ones and don’t want to worry about the confines of a tiny hotel room. You can rent a quaint beach house for the week and do all your dining at home, staying away from overcrowded restaurants. Each house has its own private entrance to the secluded beach and plenty of room to set up a personal haven of umbrellas and lounge chairs.

Of course, there are plenty of places in town to spend a date night with your special someone, too! You can always bring along an Atlanta Sensible Sitter on the trip to stay at home with the kids while you explore the Port St. Joe Marina or the quiet nearby town of Apalachicola.

I always love spending time with my boyfriend’s adorable niece and nephew here too, whether we’re building sand castles or swimming in the ocean until our legs fall off. They’re 4 and 7, and have enough energy to keep me on my toes 24/7! Consider Cape San Blas for your next family vacation! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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