April Sensible Sitter of the Month

Name: Jessica W
Hometown: Chesapeake City, MD
College: Elon University, NC


SS: We like sitters who move & shake. What keeps you busy when not Sensibly Sitting?

As an actress with the goal of being on Broadway, I am constantly auditioning, taking dance classes, singing through voice lessons, and staying active by going to the gym. The theatre business is highly competitive, so I always have to be on top of my game!

SS: Can you share with us a memorable babysitting moment?

One of my weekly clients is an adorable 15-month old. The first time I babysat for him, his mom had forewarned me that he can be a tricky sleeper and tends to get upset when he wakes up from a nap and she’s not there, but the first time he woke up when I was there he looked up at me and broke into a huge smile! It touched my heart! Another memorable moment was when another one of the families I babysat for had cards and cupcakes waiting for me a few days after my birthday. Even though my schedule doesn’t allow me to get involved with many clients on a consistent basis, when I am able to get close to a family and their children, it’s a wonderful experience!

SS: Do you like to implement things you’ve learned in your professional career in to your sitting sessions?

I do! I used to teach at my dance studio growing up so I’ve had experience with large groups of children. That has come in handy at group sitting events and birthday parties. Being a performer, I am outgoing and energetic, which definitely doesn’t hurt! I’m also really good at singing babies to sleep : )

SS: What have you learned from the children you work with?

I love how open and friendly these children are. I grew up in a small town, so it’s been interesting to observe these kids in a city environment. Being surrounded by so much activity and so many people, the children I’ve worked with are so outgoing and kind. When I walk into a home I’ve never been to, I can be certain I’ll be greeted with smiles and a feeling of comfort. We can all learn a little something from that : )

SS: How have you enjoyed your time on the Sensible Sitters Team?

I LOVE working for the Sensible Sitters NYC team. It has been the perfect job for my busy life…My schedule changes on a daily basis based on auditions (and soon to be rehearsals for a show!), so to be able to choose my own work hours has been a lifesaver. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made since moving to the city! Not to mention I truly enjoy spending time with these incredible children and families.


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