Baby Bjorn “ONE” Product Review

I’ll admit it, I was NOT a baby carrier advocate with my first son. He was a needy baby and I already held him 24/7 when we were home. So when we got outside I welcomed the opportunity to have him sit (by himself) in the stroller.

The second and third baby were game changers in this department. Baby wearing was a given. I NEEDED to wear my youngest. Often times I was wearing my second (or third) son while helping the older one pee on the toilet, dig in the sandbox, get dressed…you name it, I did it. So when our friends at Baby Bjorn offered to have me try their latest carrier I JUMPED at the chance. I had tried so many others (my husband can attest to this given all our purchases to solve colic, sleepless naps, and teething) that didn’t offer the support or function that I needed.

I wanted a carrier that was sturdy, easy to use (so my husband didn’t yell at me about all the “pieces”), could be worn facing in and out, and had amazing hip/back support (to my chagrin, my abs did NOT return post-pregnancy so that extra support is handy!).

The Baby Bjorn ONE hit all those notes. It’s comfortable, sturdy, easy to use, and so supportive. I also love the fact that no infant insert is needed, what you see is what you need. Also, the carrier can be rolled up and placed in your diaper bag or stroller. I love me a space saver for under stroller storage!

Boston office manager, Amanda Ciolino, wearing her 1 year old (who is NOT happy to be a sock monkey this Halloween).

Boston office manager, Amanda Ciolino, wearing her 1 year old (who is NOT happy to be a sock monkey this Halloween). 


Carrier Specs: The carrier can be used from newborn to three years (min. 8 lb/21 in (3.5 kg/53 cm); max. 33 lb/39 in). Note: Minimum age outward-facing: 5 months and maximum weight outward-facing: 26 lb/12 kg (for children between 8-10 lb/3.5-4.5 kg, use the leg straps to tighten the leg openings).

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