Baby Zen YoYo stroller review

As a Stroller Traffic Scout, I recently had to privilege of testing the Baby Zen Yoyo 6+Stroller. A few fun facts about this stroller:

Price: $495

Weight: 13 lbs

Age/Weight: Appropriate for the baby who can sit up on their own.

With two children in tow: one who wants to walk sometimes but NEEDS to sit at the end of an adventure and one who is more comfortable being worn – an umbrella stroller has become my fast friend. We live quite close to the beach and in theory Cam, our 2.5 year old, could walk. However, the way home provides tricky and I really do need the storage that a stroller provides. Our hurdle is always finding a stroller that we can take to the beach and then easily carry once we get to the sand dunes as we don’t have a paved walkway at the beach. Our answer: The Baby Zen Yoyo.

ABM_1461955163 (1)


At 33 lbs and 3 feet tall – Cam fits nicely in the stroller. As soon as he grows out of it, Kaitlin will grow into it. The under carriage is perfect for a diaper bag, sand toys or a blanket. Not too large, but great for a trip to the beach or the grocery store for staples.The stroller folds down with one hand and the shoulder strap allows for an easy carry. Baby on one hip, stroller on the other shoulder. It’s is both light and quick – make certain you use the break or without a child in the stroller (to weigh it down) it will make a dash for it off down the street!

The sunshade is 50+ UPF , which I love! It has a single handlebar which allows for more leverage and better control. Let’s be honest, us coffee loving moms appreciate that. You can also buy a cup holder for roughly $30.

The Baby Zen Yoyo is airplane compliant – fitting into the on board luggage compartment & you can buy what looks like a garment bag to house it.


If trying to make a decision, I encourage you to read Magic Beans comparison to the Uppa Baby G-Luxe

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