Book of the Week: On Meadowview Street by Henry Cole


“Caroline lives on Meadowview Street. But where’s the meadow? Where’s the view? There’s nothing growing in her front yard except grass. Then she spots a flower and a butterfly and a bird and Caroline realizes that with her help, maybe Meadowview Street can have a meadow after all.”

On Meadowview Street is a great book to introduce all our Sensible city kids to nature and natural beauty. As you read the book, talk about the plants and animals Caroline encounters and then…go find a meadow of your own! There are so many great parks in NYC and summer is the prime time for a wonderful little nature hike.

Here are some great (and mostly free!) Central Park activities to escape the concrete jungle and rediscover your own backyard:

PondsPipesPeople_sl_2Ponds, Pipes and People: Water in Central Park is a really cool exhibit that gives you a look at all the bodies of water (150 acres worth!) in Central Park. You can find it at the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center.


The Beldevere Castle Weather Kiosk isanother really cool thing to check out! It was built in 1869 and is the central location for weather monitoring in the NYC area.

You can also pick up a Field Day Kit from the biology labs at North Meadow Recreation Center or a Birding Discovery Kit from The Beldevere Castle Weather Kiosk.


Or, stop by the Chess & Checkers House or any of their other locations to join the Pitch In, Pick Up program. You get a name tag and equipment and are free to roam the park and pick up trash as you go.

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