Care Packages!

Good old fashioned mail. Nothing better. Remember receiving homemade cookies in your dorm room or receiving notes at camp?  The summer I went to sleep away camp, my Grandma’s best friend sent me a letter every day.  Each and every day I received a hand written note and a single dollar bill, attached to a scrawled reminder to treat myself to ice cream.  Perhaps this started my love for a summer night ice cream cone – which San Francisco summer nights do not warm up for nearly enough.  I also have a habit of saving all my mail….it’s a problem. See below, date stamp: 7/25/1995.

I received a call from our first Sensible Sitters office manager yesterday.  You know how everyone has a few people in their lives who regardless of when the last time you all talked, it’s like you never skipped a beat when you hear their voice? For me that’s Paulie.  My husband also knows  that she’s my quickest fix to a bad mood and in the Sensible Sitters – Wauchope – er Welstead world, she’s a part of the family. I learned that she is spending the next weekend with her old charges in Bridgehampton and had an idea – how about sending a care package – after all, Camp Paulie is coming to town!


The key to a good care package is personalizing it and making it fun.  Throwing in a sweet note, a sweet treat, and something out of the ordinary. One of my favorite sweet shops in San  Francisco is called Z Cioccolato.  They have barrels of old fashioned candy, taffy, home made fudge, caramel popcorn and fun gadgets to include in the package.   I decided I would layer a large Ball Jar with tissue and goodies.  I included chocolate sports balls, Pop Rocks, Sour Licorice, Laffy Taffy, Gummy Frogs, Gummy Peaches, Bubble Tape, Fun Dip & a “Roo” Pez Dispenser. I also added in a tentacle finger puppet, an alien finger puppet and the kicker – a Slingshot Screaming Flying Monkey.

Now, off to the post office!

xo, V.

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  1. Julie

    What a great idea! And I looove the idea of introducing classics like Pop Rocks to a new generation… a special summer treat! XO


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