CPR Training Day with Sensible Sitters Atlanta!

If you thought that your Sensible Sitter was overqualified before, think again! On June 6th a group of the lovely ladies and gentlemen of Sensible Sitters Atlanta received their two-year CPR certification and were also trained in First Aid. The event was hosted by our Atlanta Office Manager, Liberty Cogen. It was a fun and educational course that included heart-healthy refreshments and lots of laughs.

CPR instructor Tom Enser of First Response Safety was our instructor for the day and trained our sitters on everything a caregiver needs to know.  From how to help a choking child to how to properly use an EpiPen, our sitters learned the ropes. Our sitters were also trained on how to properly perform CPR on adults, children, and even infants.

Remember to always brief your Sensible Sitter before you leave for the day or evening on everything they need to know about your child, from severe food allergies to where the First Aid kit is located in your home. To make sure you don’t forget, place your Sensible Sitters Babysitter Checklist beside the phone in your home so that a sitter can easily locate all the information they may need in case of an emergency. The checklist includes information such as who to call in case of an emergency, allergy information, and specific food guidelines for the sitter to follow.

Check out some of the pictures from our training course and remember that your children are in the best of hands when you choose Sensible Sitters. Book your Sensible Sitter today!

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