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I was recently introduced to Daily Harvest, a smoothie delivery service & it’s my newest obsession. Obsession as in I can’t stop raving about each smoothie I try and have all but licked the inside of my blender every time I make one. So here’s the skinny: Daily Harvest has compiled nutritionally dense smoothies whose ingredients are frozen and sent to your doorstep. As you will see in the photo above, the ingredients are all in their raw & natural state : simply frozen.


Sensible Mom, Sara Jane Mercer, who has trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and graduated from the Rose Program Culinary Institute teamed up with Rachel Drori to launch the genius concept. I’m lucky to have been on this wild mom journey with Sara and while across the country from one another, social media keeps us connected!

On the day my smoothie pack arrived it was an unseasonably warm day. 85 degrees in San Francisco is not par for the course and uncomfortable when not used to it. I was beyond exhausted (that working mom with a newborn & toddler thing) and the package arrived as I was about to ice my morning brew. I had an evening out ahead (Barney’s for Raphael House) and needed a little pick me up to even consider starting to get ready. I started with an Apple & Greens: tumeric, lemon, apple, kale & spinach. Just the kick I needed to get going! The process is simple – pop open your package, toss in the blender and add the beverage of your choice. I used almond milk for my smoothies.


The next day I found myself powering through the day and needing a little sustenance mid day. Instead of grabbing last night’s carb laden leftovers, I opted for Blueberry & HempOrganic Blueberries, Organic Spinach, Organic Kale, Walnuts, Golden Figs, Ginger, Hemp Protein. This time, I found that my milk production increased. As a nursing mom there is no better gift I could give myself: an afternoon treat that boosts my milk supply!

I have both kids on Fridays, and the hours blend into one another. School drop off. Baby Bootcamp. Nurse. School Pickup. Nap time! Sleeping babies…now if only I could have a coffee in hand during the rare quiet moment. And then I remembered what was in the fridge: Cold Brew & Almond. Chock full of cold brewed coffee, almond butter, coconut butter and banana. Party in a cup. Every mom deserves such a treat on any given afternoon.

Cam and I have also been loving the mommy & me time we get with Daily Harvest. He loves smoothies and has been craving “mommy time” since Kaitlin arrived on the scene. We shared a Strawberry & Peach post nap last week. To top off my adoration for Daily Harvest, last night we were cooking dinner and Cam got his first fat lip. Note to self: don’t let a 2 year old who is clumsy from a nap-strike sit on the counter top. Thank goodness we had a Daily Harvest in the freezer. He ended up having an Bananas & Greens for dinner, with an extra banana & chia/fax seed blend.


At $6.99-$7.99 per smoothie (depending on the package), the price point can’t be beat. The convenience is key & there’s no hidden sugars that are packed into your store bought smoothies. Clean up is easy. Toss your blender and cup into the sink and fill with water. Post morning run around or dinner time, you can come back and easily wash. All natural means no elbow grease needed when cleaning!

Special Sensible Sitters Offer: Get 25% off your first box of Daily Harvest smoothies! Enter SENSIBLE25 at checkout.

In case you wanted a close up at these adorable Elizabeth W Letterpress Coasters:


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