Don’t Leave Home Without It – Diaper Bag Must Haves

A few weeks ago my husband and I were lazily sitting on the couch when we both had the inspired idea to get in the car and go for a mini road trip. When we were dating these were trips that required little to no effort. We would just hop in the car in the clothes we were wearing and end up wherever we ended up. A few years (and a screaming, wet, hungry 3 month old baby) later – we learned the hard way that leaving the house for any number of minutes takes a bit more preparation than it used to.

On that fateful day a few weeks ago, we thought we had prepared. We packed a couple diapers, a cover so I could feed him and a change of clothes. This, we thought, should get us through any sort of emergency. He ended up peeing through the couple diapers we had packed, pooping on his change of clothes and desperately screaming for his pacifier. While we were frantically trying to buy diapers and a pacifier at the local target, it occurred to me that I was vastly under prepared for the complicated task of leaving the house with an infant. I don’t think I am understating when I say that not having everything you need when traveling with an infant can make a leisurely 30 minute drive feel like an eternity.  In an effort to spare myself the sound of my son’s superhuman scream, I searched far and wide for the perfect list and found it at and put it where I put all my important papers -behind an alphabet magnet on my refrigerator.

Diaper Bag Checklist

As a sitter, it is a good reminder to ask parents if they have a checklist for their diaper bag.  When leaving the home with an infant or toddler who require a diaper bag, there may be important items , unique to the family, that you won’t know about unless you inquire.  Outside of the regular diapers, pacifiers, and snacks – you certainly do not want to leave a favorite stuffed animal or blankie at home if required for nap time!

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  1. Shelly Cory

    This is great, Erica! It’s well written and extremely helpful. Awesome!


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