Father’s Day Must Haves

Our team at Sensible Sitters is the first to attest to the fact that our Sensible Dads are some of the hardest working and most wonderful fathers around town. So if you’ve found it hard to find a unique gift that will be up to par with the Sensible Dad in your life, don’t stress, we’ve got your bases covered (I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself with the sports analogies…). Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation with small gifts and gestures, and these nifty gadgets are sure to be a hit!

Denver Dad

Slim Timber Wood Wallets ($45)
Handcrafted out of a single piece of wood, the craftsmanship and quality speaks to your Denver Dad’s inner mountain man.

B. Stiff & Sons Old Fashioned Root Beer ($43/case)
Support ColoRADo by gifting this home-brewed root beer to your hubby on Father’s Day. Named for Brian Stiff—a CO resident who recently died unexpectedly at 41—a  portion of the proceeds are going to his widow and two young boys. It’s a gift you can feel good about giving.

Breweries of the United States Map ($30)
This map features over 1,000 breweries, measuring over seven square feet and highlighting brewing hotspots in New York, Boston, Denver, and Seattle.

Wenger Fidis Camping Lighter ($80)
Every Rocky Mountain Dad needs a rugged, reliable lighter. This little fire maker operates using traditional flints, wicks, and lighter fluid, with a spare compartment for extra flints and a separately sealed spare fluid reservoir.

Manhattan Man

City Boy Grill ($230)
Perfectly portable, to suit your next Central Park picnic outing. Small enough that it won’t take up much space in your New York City apartment either.


Manhattan Dads are always striving to maintain the balance between career and family life. Help him keep his energy level up with these fun caffeine fixes:

Wrecking Ball Coffee Subscription ($109)
This high-end, six-month subscription provides you with a new 12 oz. bag of freshly-roasted beans each month, letting you savor whatever flavor the merry band of coffee-roasting geeks at Wrecking Ball are most enjoying at the moment.

Bodum Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker ($80)
This Coffee Maker has a unique vacuum brewing method that seals in the aroma and preserves all of the flavor, so every pot tastes as fresh as it smells.

Hamptons Husband

Tobacco Beard Oil ($70)
This manly yet all-natural fragrance allows your Hamptons Husband to smell like the pipe-smoking gardening enthusiast he really is. Oh, and this can be your little way of telling him you like him better without the beard.

Ray-Ban Folding Aviator Sunglasses ($195)
This twist on the iconic Ray-Ban allow for no-fuss portability. And, well, let’s be honest… the Hamptons Husband should be seen with the latest and greatest.

Palm Beach Papa

Warby Parker Prescription Sunglasses ($150)
These shades are the perfect pick for the sand and surf loving dad in your life. As an added bonus, each pair you purchase benefits nonprofit organizations that provide affordable glasses to those in need.

Miami Mister

Get him some Miami Heat garb, so he looks good while rooting for his favorite team. (This look was created by uncrate.com) Cotton Jersey Sailor Sportcoat ($1,077). J. Crew Polo ($40). Hickoree’s Unborn Jeans ($365). Nike Elite Sneaker ($70). Luminox Blackout Watch ($495). Custom Snakeskin Heat Snapback ($150). Anderson’s Woven Waxed Linen Belt ($115). Oliver People’s Glasses ($295).

Atlanta Alpha

Alpha Coffee Table ($900)

This table has a bold top that’s carved to look like a collection of raised-letter antique printers’ blocks. It’s made of sustainable wood and has a vintage crackled finish. Perfect for the Atlanta Alpha male in your life.

Jim Beam Bacon Mustard ($19/6-pack).
The subtle bourbon flavor mixes perfectly with the smokey, delicious bacon flavor. And you know it’ll go great with his beer-cooked brat. Smells like southern comfort to me.

Bacon Olive Oil ($15)
More bacon? Why not.


L.A. DaDa

These Pilot & Captain T-Shirts ($32) showcase original designs printed onto a soft poly-blend slim fit tee, featuring the city name and the code of its main airport, for our laidback jet-setting dads out there.

San Fran Sir

Bring the east coast west with matching Vilebrequin Father & Son Swim Trunks. A must for beach friendly family photos!


Indigofera Selvage Denim Apron ($115)
We know our Sensible San Fran dads are too stylish for any “#1 Cook” apron. This denim number is much more befitting.
Yankee Man Candles ($18-$28)
These candles come in manly concoctions like the grassy Riding Mower, the woodsy 2×4, the leathery First Down, and the musky Man Town, any of which are far preferable to help disguise the mysterious scents emanating from his man cave.

All of these fantastic gift ideas were originally scouted by Uncrate.com staff members. Be sure to show this site to the Sensible Dad in your life!

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