February Sensible Sitter of the Month

Name: Kayla Rose Shaffer

Hometown: Erie, PA

College: University of Tampa

SS: We like sitters who move & shake. What keeps you busy when not Sensibly Sitting?
I’m the Key Holder Associate at David Barton gym and also a theatre and dance instructor at local schools for children and adults. I volunteer at the Educational Alliance twice a week as well, assisting with the elderly community. I also spend my free time singing, dancing, and acting. I audition in my free time and will be in my first musical cabaret in the city in February!

SS: Can you share with us a memorable babysitting moment?
I enjoy watching Eleanor Gray and my favorite memory was when I watched her for the first time. We made a homemade pizza and watched a movie. It  was a special memory for me because she taught me how to make the pizza!

SS: What are some of the things you’ve learned from your professional career that you’ve been able to implement into your sitting sessions?
I’m a teacher and performer, and both have been extremely useful in my childcare philosophy. I’m very patient, kind, and loving, which stems directly from teaching. And as far as a performance aspect, I’m creative and like to have fun. So both go hand in hand while I’m sitting.

SS: What have you learned from the children you work with?
The children that I care for have taught me that a passion can become your career. I’m getting paid to do something that I truly love. Caring for children has always come naturally to me and the children that I work with are a constant reminder that it takes special skills (patience in particular) to provide high quality care. I’m so glad that I’ve found this agency and have the opportunity to share that passion with the clients of Sensible Sitters. Children are a joy to be around and it has been a wonderful experience!

SS: How have you enjoyed your time on the Sensible Sitters Team
I truly enjoy working with Sensible Sitters NYC office. I love that I can sit for my favorite standing families and also meet new ones. I also like that I can pick and choose how many hours I can sit weekly and pick the locations as well. The team in the office has been incredible in helping me with my sitting choices and helping with scheduling and payroll. I couldn’t be happier than with Sensible Sitters!

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