Holiday Crafting – Juice first, then Buckeyes!

The last two days, my cousin’s children each came over for an afternoon. It was really nice to have one on one time with them and craft & bake during holiday season. They were each a Flower Girl & Ring Bearer at Duncan & my wedding in August, and are very near & dear to our hearts. Lucky for us, they live right in San Francisco. This picture to the right is on of my faves – note the unhappy ring bearer!

Lucas and I decided that before baking, we should have a healthy treat. He is a self-proclaimed veggie lover and swears he would eat ice cream if it were broccoli flavored. Music to my ears – we made my favorite smoothie. Even my pasta – potato – mac n cheese – loving husband slurps it down!


1.5 c of AlmondMilk
Handful choped kale
Handful spinach
1.5 – 2 green apples, cored & peeled
A few ice cubes
(if desired) Green Vibrance

Q: Can U.T. Vibrance be taken by children?
A: Yes, U.T. Vibrance can be taken by used by women, men and children albeit in a modified dosage: infants-2 years – 1/4 of scoop; 2-6 years – ½ scoop 6 years + – Full dose.

All you do is add it all to the blender, hit high and presto! You have yourself one chunky, super delicious, vitamin filled smoothie! Especially during the holidays, its a great idea to pack some green in your diet. It is easy to get off-balance with all the sugar-laden treats. The apple in this smoothie offsets the green and you can add some Agave for further sweetening. With this smoothie, there is so much benefit in the greens that if kids want more almond milk or apple – give in! Remember, juice is always best chilled, so don’t skimp on the ice!

Now for our sweet treat. A peanut-free twist on Buckeyes! My mom still makes these at the holidays – YUM! Lucas’ sister is allergic to peanuts – and he does not like chocolate – 2 MAJOR ingredients in Buckeyes. SO, we improvised. We used Almond Butter instead of Peanut Butter and made up a neat recipe for the dipping sauce. Instead of dipping in melted semi-sweet chocolate, we melted a bag of frozen raspberries with white yogurt chips.


2 cups of Almond Butter – we mixed Whole Foods & Justin’s Maple for added sweetness
2.5 cups of confectionary sugar
1/4 cup of butter
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Extract


1 bag frozen raspberries
1 bag yogurt chips or white chocolate

Mix the almond butter and room temperature butter together with a wooden spoon. Mix in vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. Mix in 2.5 cups of confectionary sugar. Should be very thick dough.

On a cookie tray lined with wax paper, drop small balls on almond butter mixture. If the balls are too big they will be too rich once finished and coated. Put the tray in the fridge for an hour, until nice and chilled.

Melt the yogurt chips and frozen raspberries, trying for a gooey consistency. Pour this into a bowl, small enough for dipping. Once the balls are cooled – dip away! We did end up making some chocolate dipped too – they taste just like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Happy Gifting!! Make sure to trace the outside of your cookie tin on waxed paper and cut out for neat liners and multi-tiers!

Lucas made his father a snow globe while we were waiting for the buckeyes to chill! Tomorrow I will post “Adventures with Lauren…”

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