Holiday Tipping

The question we get asked time and time again at the holidays: what is appropriate for tipping my sitters and nanny. Our suggestions are as follows:

Sitters and Part-Time Nannies:

Your trusted babysitters and part-time nannies make your world manageable.

For the occasional sitter, we recommend a gift that is around the value of a regular sitting session. You can also tip in cash, but it’s not expected for the occasional, but regular, sitter. Our suggestions are as follows:

  • For the fashionable & fit sitter: A Bezels & Bytes jewelry for their fitbit. fitbit+bracelet+trio+edited
  • For the college student: A Starbucks or David’s Teas gift card goes a long way. We suggest pairing it with a mug from the respective store. Our favorite: The color changing nordic mug from David’s Tea.  These are 2 for $35 currently – snag them for a sitter or two! davidsteas

For the part-time nanny, we recommend compensation of one week salary. We polled our sitter base to ask whether they appreciated gifts or a bonus, to which the resounding answer was: a bonus !

  • If you feel that the bonus is less personal, add a home made art project by the kids or a small gift.
  • You can always slip the bonus into a cute Jack Wills wristlet.

For the full-time nanny, we recommend compensation of 1-2 weeks salary. Many families offer a bonus of one week’s pay alongside days off around the holidays.

Vanessa’s note: As much as you think your nanny might appreciate a gift certificate to a swanky store, stick to cash! I assure you, the cash is appreciated! If you feel the need to gift in addition, add a personal touch but keep on the smaller side. There’s a whole rest of the year to gift your nanny & show your appreciation.

Boston Sensible Specialist, Amanda Ciolino, writes: We are giving our nanny this handmade coffee cup with my kids handprints on it (plus some cash). I love giving our sitters personalized gifts from our family to show our (and our kids) appreciation for them!!


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