Joovy Boob Bottle Review


There are a lot of things that Cam was fussy about as a newborn.  You could not have a conversation with me without my mentioning my fussy little monkey & how particular he was.  What he was never fussy about was how he received his food. Hot, cold, shaken, stirred…Cam loves to eat.  Our relationship with bottles started early in Cam’s life.  He entered the world at 11 lbs & 6 ounces and hasn’t stopped reminding us since. His appetite is ferocious.  This said, our preference to bottles is just that: OUR preference, not Cam’s!

We learned right away that Cam was not a strong sucker.  He certainly could swallow -or chug rather – but he did not have the instinct to suck when prompted with a nipple. In light of this, we sought out the slowest flow nipple there was.  This landed us in the world of Dr. Brown’s.  Once Cam’s suck became strong, I was ready to move beyond a 5 piece system that kept me at the sink all day. Enter, Joovy! I was gifted a full set of Joovy Boob PPSU Gift Set prior to Cam’s birth, so had them prepped and ready to go.  Bottle preference is a very personal decision, so please note, this is simply my family’s experience with bottle feeding. I should note as well that I tried five bottle brands interchangeably (I promise, Cam is fussy about everything else) , before choosing Joovy as our favorite!

About the Boob: 


Available in two price points, the Boob comes in two makes:  high quality PP (polypropylene) and ultra premium PPSU (polyphenylsulfone). PPSU is the superior material for baby bottles and does not absorb odor or color and is extremely durable. The PPSU Boob has a distinct gray color that makes breast milk and/or formula look bright white and appealing. Both bottles are dishwasher safe. Joovy has done a great job of taking into consideration all aspects of breastfeeding so as to eliminate confusion between the breast and the bottle.


The Boob’s CleanFlow® Vent is simple, and high tech. The one-piece vent ring is extremely easy to clean and you don’t need to touch the sanitized silicone sleeve when assembling the bottle. The quad vent allows for consistent venting regardless of how the bottle is held. Venting reduces colic and inner ear infections by eliminating the vacuum created in a sealed feeding system. The CleanFlow® Vent is notched to fit perfectly in the Boob Baby Bottle’s wide neck and this design eliminates over and/or under tightening reducing leaks and maintaining consistent flow rates.

We started with bottles that were very tall and long. The shape of the Jooy Boob is a huge plus in my book. It is short & squat but holds more milk : 5 ounces & 9 ounces. One of the features I love best is the CAP! Finally….a cap that does not leak.  I mean, never. No leaking at all!

I was sent the Joovy Boob PPSU Gift Set and did not appreciate the number of accessories it came with until bottles were the constant in our life.  Below is the list of what was included. I might add, Joovy’s packaging is really clean & pretty. For example, see the nipple packaging below!

-  (3) 9 oz bottles with stage 2 nipples 466
-  (1) 9 oz insulator
-  (3) 5 oz bottles with stage 1 nipples
-  (1) 5 oz insulator
-  (2) breast pump adapters
-  (3) sealing caps
-  additional nipples: (2) stage 0, (1) stage 1, (1) stage 2, (2) stage 3, (2) stage X
-  (1) nipple brush, (1) bottle brush

We had a time of it with breast feeding and my take away was this: I now cry over spilt milk.  The Joovy Breast Pump Adapters are nearly universal working with all pumps with the exception of Avent.  The adapters connect directly to the bottle so you do not have to transfer milk (or lose that one last drop).

Keeping in mind the important details for breastfed babies, the Bottle insulators are designed to keep breastmilk warmer, at body temperature longer and also has the ability to keep frozen or chilled breastmilk cooler for longer.  What I think is really neat is the ability to use with the breast pump adapter. Later down the road, you can use these with cow’s milk & keep the bottle cool while out.

While I began a hand-washing only mom, I quickly discovered the joy of dishwasher safe bottles.  The Boob and all of its components are top rack dishwasher safe.  I still rinse my bottle parts after in the sink, just for safety sake.  The nipple brush is designed to reach into the longer nipple base of the Boob and the brush fits inside the bottles perfectly.  The bottle brush takes up a good bit of space but does the trick.  It’s a pretty neat design and fits right into the bottle.  We used Dapple Baby Bottle & Dish Cleaner.


Cam is strictly a formula fed baby at nearly four months.  We gave breastfeeding the college try, but it just was not in our cards.  As a formula fed baby, we love the following:

The wide neck allows for the scoop to easily make its way into the bottle.  When using narrow bottles, I lost SO much formula or had to pre-mix. Also, the wider nipples don’t collect any clumps of formula and allows for you to mix easily on the go. The nipples are soft, yet sturdy.  A few nipples we tried were too flexible or bendy for him, he wanted a firm nipple in his mouth. He loves the nipple so much that he uses it instead of a pacifier…but that’s for another blog post!

I hope this review is helpful, please leave any questions or comments below!


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