Kitchit Dinner with Sensible Sitters

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As parents, we can all identify with the desire to maintain our social lives and spend time with our growing families. It can often feel like a tug of war – indulging in a night out with friends, but foregoing family time or vice versa.  We are also no stranger to the well intentioned attempt to eat out with the kids in tow – the evening quickly ending in a stressed frenzy to evacuate the restaurant before you are asked to not return.  Behold! The ideal solution: Kitchit!

The San Francisco based company is your answer to a chef prepped meal, in your own home, at a reasonable price. With seasonal and locally sourced meals, rotating monthly, you can opt for dinner for two or procure a chef to facilitate a full dinner party. For the new parent this is a dream come true. Should you not yet be comfortable leaving your child with a sitter, a Kitchit chef can prepare your meal while you enjoy a dinner with your significant other and break as needed to tend to your baby. For those who might like to entertain with kids in attendance, Sensible Sitters offers a great compliment to Kitchit’s cheffing services.

We had the pleasure of combining the services of Sensible Sitters and Kitchit to throw a dinner party with three couples.  Parents enjoyed socializing while the children were engaged by Sensible Sitters. The result was wild success. Our chef, Kyria,  arrived 45 minutes prior to dinner to begin her preparations.  Not only did Kyria prepare a delicious meal, she interacted with the children and encouraged them to assist her in the kitchen.


For the children, Kitchit offered chicken pot pies with broccoli & purple cauliflower tater tots alongside.  It was incredibly refreshing to have the children be served such a hearty & healthy meal, given our usual restaurant options of pizza or chicken tenders. I can not confirm that we didn’t still have to supply a bit of ketchup for the occasional “dip dip” but the kids really took to the meal. With 5 children ranging in age from 1 to 6, they all were huge fans. For desert chocolate pudding and fresh whipped cream proved a huge hit.


While the children ate and played, the adults enjoyed the ability to mingle & chat among appetizers. The price point of Kitchit is incredible – $39 per adult meal and $9 per child meal. For $8-10 per person delicious appetizers are available. My two favorites to date are the avocado toast and the artisan cheese platter, which the children really enjoyed.  In all fairness, I am pregnant and so can not have the salmon crudo but the guests raved about it & I may have indulged in the horseradish cream crostini that accompanied it. Who dreams up such heavenly pairings?!



Post kid dinner and adult appetizers, the kids & sitter found their way to the playroom while the adults enjoyed our dinner. It was really nice to have adult conversation, while being served a delicious meal, and having the ability to check in on the kids as needed. The sitters did a wonderful job of engaging the kids & they had a blast having a “late playdate”.  You could also opt to have a sitter at each individual home, but this was a fun option for all. It was also fun to have a reason to set a fun, fall table setting. With a new baby arriving during the holidays, my husband and I are looking forward to the excuse to use Kitchit a’plenty!

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