Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions

With Mother’s Day upon us, it is time to purchase a special something for that special someone.  We all endorse a hand-written card from the kids, but doesn’t every mom enjoy an extra thoughtful gift? My parents called themselves “bookends” – one of my favorite visuals.  As a half of that pair, your wife is one half of your family’s bookends! She’s your co-captain, celebrate your team! Below are two of our favorite items, from brands that are created by Momtrepreneurs we love!

For the mom & daughter who enjoy to suit up together:

These suits are by Shoshanna.  Shoshanna Gruss is Sensible Mom & mother to Sienna.   Her prints are all so  fun – a wonderful way to celebrate a mother & daughter team!

A fun Q&A with Shoshanna below:

Vanessa: What are your Mother’s Day Traditions?

Shoshanna: My only tradition is to be tightly surrounded by my beautiful family, I’m happy to do anything!! This mothers day we are going to be in NYC, so I requested an early afternoon dim sum at the Golden Unicorn in Chinatown.

Vanessa: Why do the suits make a great Mother’s Day gift?

Shoshanna: The matching suits are so fun, and funny. Sienna and I wear them on vacation a lot, they definitely make photo taking fun!!!

Vanessa:I love being a mom because…

Shoshanna: My family is my world. When Sienna was born, I finally understood what it was all about.




This jacket by Veronica Beard is for the multi-tasking mom. You can travel with it, let it dress up jeans and a top or wear over a dress!  Veronica Beard is the brainchild of two moms – and sister-in-laws.  Between both families, they are raising 7 children in New York City.

We chatted with Veronica Miele Beard about Mother’s Day. Here’s what she had to say below:

Vanessa: Do you have a Mother’s Day tradition?

Veronica: Mother’s day is important to me because my father died when I was 2 years old and my mother instantly became both, mom & dad.  The profound sacrifices she made, reflectively now with my own children, leave me in awe of her.   I credit my mother for being the example of fortitude, individuality, strong work ethic, celebration of family and loyalty.  None of us ever thought we were not first and foremost in her mind or heart.  Now, as a Mother of 5, she is helping me raise children that I hope will contribute to our world in a positive way.   Every year, we have lunch on Mother’s Day, give a toast and laugh about how crazy and fun life is together.

Vanessa: Why does the seersucker jacket makes a great Mother’s Day Gift? 

Veronica: Seersucker isn’t just for ‘Dandys!’  We are all used to seeing this fabulous fabric on country club blazers or golf clothes!  We decided this un-sung hero of a fabric needed a VB makeover!  With an amazing cut, interchangeable hoodie and chic leather accents, every woman can wear this amazing transitional piece.  You will LIVE in this gorgeous jacket all Spring and Summer!   It brightens up darker pieces whether you’re wearing jeans or a leather dress, and gives a spring/summer vibe to your outfit while still keeping you warm in transitional weather.

Vanessa:I love being a mom because…

Veronica: It is the ultimate test of selflessness with incredible reward.  I love it because of that ONE TIME you see your child put their napkin on their lap, (instead of using their pants), or show compassion when you’ve had to point it out to them over and over…and they do it on their own!  When we see our children think for themselves and/or do the right thing, it’s success in its purest form.  Then there are allthose little things:  the bubble baths, the piano recitals, the note on my pillow reminding me that they lost a tooth, the “hi mom” when they get the microphone; the feeling of true love.

Veronic’as Mother, Evelyn Shaw Miele, with her son

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