Munchkin Vibe Gate Review

It was incredibly timely that Stroller Traffic & Munchkin reached out to me to review their new Vibe safety gate. Kaitlin is 8 months old now & Cam is 2.5.



We realized that we needed to convert the nursery to speak to both ages, which means having a way to safely contain Kaitlin and allow Cam to come & go. It also felt like Cam’s space really needed to be aged up and all of the sudden, Kaitlin became a real little person needing her own nook. SO, we began a nursery overhaul. My experience with everything second child has been so bittersweet – so incredibly enjoyable and yet I feel like time is just racing by.

I always drag my heels on handyman work – which baby-proofing falls under in my mind – because I always manage to hammer a nail just a little off. The Munchkin Vibe is pretty genius in this regard. They have a turnkey mount technology that allows you to install in moments. The design is gorgeous and clean, and allows you to view through the center mesh portion. On their website you can choose the width you need for your space, allowing for a range between 30″-54″. Beautiful, functional and easy…what else could I ask for?!

What’s been very fun for Cam is that he can open & close the door. As we ¬†transitioned from a crib to a big boy bed, we have had a tricky time keeping him in his bed and room at bedtime. He now knows that there is a boundary with the gate and we allow for him to get out of bed, but remind him he can’t open the door. We call it the “garden gate”.





Cam is currently head over heels for trucks. Sound familiar? Here are some components of his transportation influenced sleep nook:

While we are chatting about Munchkin, we also can NOT go to sleep without this spoutless sippy cup.

Here are Kaitlin & Cam enjoying their shared space. Now I am off to lessen the blue in the room…


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