National Nanny Training Day – San Francisco

On Saturday, April 28, Westside Nannies, organized National Nanny Training Day at Sprout San Francisco. National Nanny Training Day has begun as an initiative to support NAEYC’s Week of the Young Child.  NNTD was Founded by Lora Brawley of Nanny Biz Reviews.  Lora writes, “My goal is to get businesses, support groups and individuals to come together and plan a training event open to all in-home caregivers in their local communities or regional areas.” Thank you Mimi Brady for organizing – this was a wonderful day of collaboration & educational support for the San Francisco caregiver community.

It was an excellent turnout on Saturday with roughly 2o nanny candidates in attendance & wonderful professionals who support the profession. Stef Tousignant of “Where questions about your zero to three get answered for free!” spoke on how to structure your day when nannying & how to prep for the arrival of a newborn.  She had excellent tips, including how to busy a toddler while navigating household chores.  Among these were:

Stef of Ask a Nanny
  • cut open paper bags & tape them to the floor. Give the toddler a box of crayons and let them color the paper.
  • pull a toddler chair up next to you while washing dishes & let them listen to books on tape.
  • Give a toddler a box of uncooked pasta and some containers & let them sort from one container to the next.
  • Make Moon Dough - a flour & baby oil combo for toddlers to play with


Jamaica Stevens, the powerhouse behind JAMaROO Kids, spoke on how to engage children in a creative & stimulating manner. Jamaica began JAMaROO Kids upon deciding to combine her knowledge of Child Development with her passion for dancing, music, and teaching to create an introduction to creative movement and dance class for Preschool aged children. They are now in 85 schools in San Francisco & Marin in addition to a new studio on Pine Street.  Below are two pictures, illustrating how to get children excited when playing pretend.  She also taught some fun songs that play to the senses & a nanny in the crowd chimed in with her own favorite songs. Jamaica taught us how to tell a story & change the tone by simply using your voice!

Kim Burns, co-founder of Fresh Baby Bites spoke to the group about making home-made baby food and the importance of fresh nutrients. Fresh Baby Bites makes & delivers organic baby food weekly to their families, with ingredients sourced within 75 miles of San Francisco – can you say SUPER DUPER local? Their menus change weekly & can be found on their site or facebook page.  I suggest hosting a playdate with other moms or nannies & swapping what you have made so that you have a varied assortment of foods – and not just a week of carrots & quinoa puree! Fresh Baby Bites is a great way to supplement your home made efforts – it’s incredibly hard to keep up all the time, or once baby two arrives.

Daisy, from Urban Sitter, spoke last on how to market yourself online as a babysitter.  I joined her with some tips on how to engage a child when first meeting them & some “babysitter etiquette”.  Some Sensible Sitters tips were:

  •  Get right down on a child’s level to introduce yourself and address them by name.
  • If you know another sitter they know, tell them you are a friend of their sitters. The familiarity will allow the child to feel more comfortable.
  • Ask them to show you their room or a favorite toy – it will put them in command & allow them to “show off” a bit.
  • Make certain to ask parents of the media policy -never take a 3 year olds orders to watch tv before bed unless mom & dad have ok’d it!
Mimi & Me!

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