Sitter Spotlight: Ana Lucia (NYC)


Ana Lucia hails from Seattle, Washington and is a graduate of Oberlin College & Loyola Maryland, where she earned a masters degree in special education. View her profile & book her here.

I recently moved to New York to continue my career in the area of education and social work. I previously lived in Seattle and Los Angeles working with middle and high school students to support them in graduating from school and pursuing their short and long term goals. What I have loved most about my work is the collaboration with families and teams to create a strong and sustainable support system for young people who need it most. It takes a village!

Throughout all of my professional life, I have continued to care for infants and young children. I love their curiosity and presence and have found that caring for kids helps me to feel very grounded and brings me a lot of joy. I am also excited about soon starting my own family and very much enjoy building relationships with parents and families to learn from their unique perspectives and understanding of their individual kids. If there is anything I have learned in this work, it is that every child is uniquely wonderful and I am always excited to discover their individual interests, challenges, and personalities that they bring to our world.

Outside of work, I spend most evenings taking house and funk styles hip hop classes. Dance has given me the gift and challenge of expressing myself and has become another essential community of support in my life. New York is the place to be for this type of dance! I am overwhelmed (in a great way) and thrilled to be beginning my life here!

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View Ana Lucia’s profile & book herĀ here.


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