Push Toy Review!

In anticipation of Cameron’s first birthday, I knew exactly who to reach out to in order to find the perfect Push Toy. Enter Amanda Ciolino, Sensible Sitters Boston Office Manager, and mom to 3 boys under 3! Amanda generously provided her tried & true feedback, which we offer to you!

Why Push Toys Pay Off

There’s no doubt about it — little kids love push toys. That’s why grocery carts, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, and strollers are still best sellers today. But push toys provide your child with a lot more than fun….

• They’re great for gross motor skills

• They stimulate the imagination

• They can pull double duty

The bottom line: Push toys are a wonderfully worthy purchase.


Here are my top 3 picks:

The Trendsetter: Manny & Simon - $150Manny_Simon_Truck_Push_CartManny_Simon_Stroller_Push_Cart


Manny & Simon products are not only aesthetically pleasing for us parents, but also super functional for our little ones. Their line of push toys does not sway from this and consists of two options: a truck and a stroller. I love that both options have an interior space to put books/toys to a) weigh down the toy in the beginning stages of your walker’s life and b) for storage once the toy isn’t used as a walker (I love toy longevity!).

Pro’s: Aesthetically pleasing, room for toy storage, wheels are lined with rubber so it reduces “skid marks”, has uses outside a walker once your child grows older (think playing dolls for little girls or pushing your little brother around the apartment in the truck…major boredom busters!).

Con’s: No bumper for those aggressive drivers, somewhat large, no brake so you will have to weigh the toy down at first with books or some heavy toys


The Classic: Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon – $79.99


Radio Flyer is a great choice for the “classic” toy – I mean they have been around for 97 years. 97. This is the walker we chose for our son and it still is used everyday in our house. It has also held up through two toddlers and a newborn. Nothing has broken off the wagon, nor has anything chipped. It still looks “like new” and that’s saying a lot in a 3-boy household.

Pro’s: Furniture-friendly front bumper, classic design and look, interior storage for toys (or little brothers), a “resist push” feature for beginner walkers, wheels have a grip tread

Con’s: The side rails can come out and potentially pinch fingers if turned the wrong way, somewhat large, no true “brake”, some assembly required


The Transformer: Mishi Design 1-2-3 Grow With Me – $129


With their wooden construction and unique design, the toys by Mishi Design are both head-turning and intriguing. Their toys are transformable ride on and push toys, meaning they’re multi-faceted and are multiple toys in one (a parent’s dream!). Think of them as wooden transformers, with a bit of European edge and many sustainable qualities.

Pro’s: Multiple toy in one and really grows with your child

Con’s: Some assembly required, it’s a “large” toy

Amanda’s 3 boys: Ages 3.5, 2 & 1 month!

Ciolino's Newborn Session

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