Scooter Safety Tips

Scooter Safety Tips

With an increased number of children on scooters these days, we want to remind parents & caregivers to go over guidelines with little ones in their care. Below are the suggestions we have provided to our Sensible Sitters.

1. Establish Boundaries! Only allow children to be within a zone that you feel you could easily catch up to.  This should be an agreed upon proximity, which they can clearly demarcate. For example: “On the way to the park, you can scoot two buildings ahead of me and then you need to put your foot on the ground & wait.” Even in a park, where there is less car/street danger, you want to make sure they are within your sight and close by. Don’t let kids get too far ahead of you.

* We also recommend making it a “scooter rule” that children can not wait around a corner for you.  You need to be able to have your eyes on them at all times.

2. Enforce these boundaries! If broken, explain that they are in place for their safety.  You can explain this in a really caring tone & let them know that the scooter is a fun way to zip around but it’s your job to keep your eyes on them at all times.  Therefore, if they can’t follow the scootering rules, you’ll have to walk instead of scoot!

3. Follow Family Guidelines! Always ask parents what their rules are for being outside the home with their children. Follow the rules a household already has in place, as children are familiar with them.

4. No Phones!  It can only take an instant for anything to happen, and if you have your eyes on your phone instead of the children you are responsible for – you could miss it.  Any one of us would feel absolutely terrible should we be responsible for a child being in danger due to our not paying attention. Please – Please – Please: phones out of site while navigating busy streets with little ones.

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