Sensible Celebrations – Valentine’s Day Parties!

Last week we had the good fortune of crafting & executing two Valentine’s Day Parties – on two coasts – with two different age groups!

For our San Francisco Party, we had 6, nine year olds who crafted their class Valentines Day Cards.  They also melted & died glycerin bars to make soaps & cut them into beautiful heart shapes for their moms & teachers.

The girls made:

* Felt Fortune Cookies
* Candy Critters
* Folded cards using potato printing
* Heart-shaped Crayon Valentines, which were made by melting down crayons in heart shaped silicone
* Flower Lollipop Valentines
* Soap, which they melted – died – and cut into heart shapes

For our New York City Party, we had 11 toddlers. Upon arrival they each had a wooden heart shaped frame with their name stamped on it & a ball of home made play dough at their place setting. Held at the home of Christin Rueger, co-founder of Chic Child, we used her long dining room table covered in butcher block paper. This was a wonderful technique as we could stamp the table with Valentines Day Stamps and the children did not have to worry about crayon or marker getting on the table. We used disposable sippy cups, but if there is a fear of spilling, you can put a disposable plastic table cloth underneath. Our chair dilemma was solved by an amazing company, Hamptons Baby Gear. We needed to be able to safely have all the toddlers at the table, so Hamptons Baby Gear brought in Greco Contempo High Chairs & Stokke Tripp Trapp Chairs. I must say – these made the party! The high chairs were fantastic – they were plush but folded up to nothing & were adjustable. We simply took off the trays, and slid them right under the table so that the children were comfortably at table height. They are also very pretty and made for a very uniformed look. I would highly recommend this for an arts & crafts party. Hamptons Baby Gear services the North & South Fork, year round, and has a full range of products available.

On the table we filled heart-shaped ramekins with goldfish for snacking, cookie cutters for dough playing & Valentines Day M&Ms! We made heart-shaped chocolate lollipops, which each child’s initial on the back – which they loved!


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