Melanie S, September Sensible Sitter of the Month

: Melanie Siegel

Hometown: Westport CT

College: N.Y.U 2010, Drama

SS: We like sitters who move & shake.  What keeps you busy when not Sensibly Sitting?

Melanie: I was teaching with a company Yoga Stars that has since ended. My boss has begun a new company that I’m working with! It’s just getting started up, but it’s awesome! It’s called F.L.Y. (Freedom Lives in You) Yoga Arts. I’m currently teaching kids yoga classes in a few amazing summer camp programs with F.L.Y. Yoga Arts. Through the company I get hired to teach in schools, in after-school programs, events, birthdays, and privates.

SS: Can you share with us a memorable babysitting moment?

Melanie: A wonderful girl that I sit for wanted me to show her the choreography I did when I played one of the daughters in the “Fiddler on the Roof” tour I performed in.  She put on the CD and watched me do the choreography to one of the main songs.  After my “performance” she said “Hmmm.. can I show you my way?” She improvised the most HEARTFELT, passionate choreography– stomping, spinning, and changing her face and her voice to make different characters.  I will never forget her iteration of it and the commitment and joy emanating from her as she showed me!

SS:  Do you like to implement yoga or movement into your sitting sessions?

Melanie: When I am sitting for really active children, sometimes I ask them if they like to dance.  If they give me a “Yes” I put on some music and play “Freeze Pose.”  It’s freeze dance, but when the music stops we all go into a yoga pose that I teach them! So much fun!

SS: What have you learned from the children you work with?

Melanie:  I learn so much from the children that I teach and sit for.  They constantly remind me to approach life with joy, curiosity, playfulness, and imagination. Children are the best improv teachers ever!

SS: How have you enjoyed your time on the Sensible Sitters Team?

Sensible Sitters attracts wonderful, interesting families.  It is such a pleasure to pop into such great people’s lives and work with them.


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