Sensible Sitters Summer Babysitting & Nanny Tips

Sensible Sitters New York hosted our first Summer Babysitting Tips Seminar.  It was a wonderful seminar, attended by 10 of our amazing sitters. We were joined by Sae La Chin, founder of Say Bay Bee, who demonstrated car seat safety techniques.  We used the Orbit Baby G2 Infant Car Seat, part of their Stroller Travel System.

Sae La is incredibly engaging & informative.  She is a certified Baby Planner & Car Seat Technician as well as a Member of New York Safety Coalition.  Having started a premier Baby Planning business in New York City, Say Bay Bee, Sae La is our go to gal for all our gadget and safety needs.  Some of her key pointers that we would love for sitters to take away from the session are below. You can find more tips on car seat safety SayBayBee’s Blog.

- be mindful of the toys that you have in a car seat with a child.  They should be soft, as a hard object can harm a child if there is a sudden stop.

- do not affix any gadgets (mirrors, toys) to the space in front of the chid.  Should these fall, they will put the child in danger

- do not leave the child unattended in the car, ever.  This goes without saying – but do not get comfortable running in to grab an item left in the house “just this once”. The moment you begin these bad habits, an accident is pending.

- Keep your eyes on the road.  If you feel the need to check in on the child, pull over in a safe parking lot.  It is important that you focus on safe driving, not watching a child in the back seat.

Sae La, Vanessa, Paulie & Daniella


We were also joined by two veteran Sensible Sitters, Paulie D. & Daniela F.  Both sitters began with us their freshman years of college & spent their summers in The Hamptons for the following 5 summer.  They provided tips & tricks to the sitters regarding living in with families. Below are pointers that Paulie & Daniela shared with the group.




Tips for Summer Nannies:

1. Get to know your families. Spend time with the families you will be working with prior to the summer.  Suggest sitting during the day, shadowing school pick up and date night so that you get to know their routine.

2. Find a buddy.  Ask the agency who placed you or the family you are working with to introduce you to other nannies who are working in the same area you are.  It is important to have an appropriate social outlet – someone to go to the beach with on a day off or to the movies & dinner with when off-duty.  We recommend introducing your family to your nanny friends so that you can have play dates or plan outings together.

3.  Plan your days.  If sitting for an infant or toddler, find out where the local story hours are.  If going to the Hamptons, we recommend getting a subscription to:


4. Scout out your local resources. Libraries, Museum, etc.  We will have a blog post regarding our favorite spots this week! Stay tuned…

5. Paulie gives us her tips on sunscreen application below:

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