Top 10 ways to lend a helping hand during downtime

Especially with children of a young age, there is always plenty more to do than a parent has time to accomplish. If babysitting for children 3 and under, there’s a good chance that you will be on the clock while the littles are down for a substantial nap. Everyone needs to take a breather, but once you have had a well-deserved rest there is a laundry list (no pun intended) of household chores that can be accomplished. Below are ten ideas that you could assist with while little ones sleep.

1. Diaper Bag organization: If you have been out during the day, make sure that all that needs to come out of the diaper bag is taken out. This includes: bottles, sippy cups, food, diapers & anything that is damp or wet. That’s half the battle. Now move on to putting those items where they go, or better yet: washing them!

2. Bottle Washing: Most moms have a method to their bottle washing madness. If not familiar with the household, you can ask the mom before she leaves how she washes the bottles. If there is dish detergent specific to bottles, make sure to use this. You will also likely find a bottle brush to use. If the family does not have a bottle “tree” or stand, lay down a clean dish towel to air dry.

Mom note: If you think washing bottles are monotonous, imagine doing them ALL DAY LONG. If you save us one extra bottle wash, we are all that much happier.

3. Toy clean up:¬†This is self explanatory, and oh so appreciated. It’s so cute to organize the toys the first 15 times and then, anyone who wants a go at organizing is welcome!

4. Laundry: Parents tend to either welcome laundry being done with open arms or hesitate to have anyone else help. Folding clothes however, is always appreciated. Feel free to ask a mom if there’s any laundry to fold while the baby is sleeping.

5. Food bib cleaning: No one has time to soak baby bibs and everyone needs to. If the child you are watching uses plastic bibs to eat, chances are that they could use a soaking. Fill a plastic bowl with warm water and soap and immerse the bibs. Let them sit for 30 minutes & then rise them out. Hang dry them. The key is getting all that dried sweet potato out of the creases…use a little elbow grease!

6. Do the dishes! There is no bigger buzz kill than coming home to a sink full of dishes. It’s such a bummer to have to roll up your (fancy) sleeves and do dishes, when really you are exhausted and just want to hit the hay. It’s so appreciated to wash the dishes, or load the dishwasher. There’s a long-time debate as to whether sitters should be expected to do dishes that they didn’t create. Note: These are simply suggested chores that will undoubtedly be appreciated, not expectations.

7. Wipe down the highchair

8. Sweep under the highchair & dining room table. 

9. Collect baby bottles & sippy cups from around the house.

10. Restock the diaper table. Might there be diapers & wipes to re-load? Take a peek!



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