What’s in your Mystery Bag: Bouncing Bubbles

imagesSpringtime is FINALLY on it’s way! I have been obsessively checking the extended forecast and there aren’t too many icy days left in New York City’s immediate future. I am beyond excited for all the fun things that come with spring and summer and have spent a lot of time researching activities for our sitters and parents to do with their kids as the weather keeps getting better and better.

In preparation for outdoor weather, I am beginning to post ideas for park play (because who doesn’t need more ideas of fun things to do outside?) and will be absolutely saturating our wonderful blog with easy things to bring, make and do in our many wonderful city parks.

On to our fun project! Bouncing bubbles are bubbles that don’t pop–and don’t require a special kit like the one I remember playing with as a kid. The bubble solution is really simple to make but requires 24 hours to set up so make this at least a day in advance! You can find the original how-to here.

Bouncing Bubbles


  • 1 C distilled drinking water
  • 1 Tablespoon dish soap
  • 1 Teaspoon of glycerin (you can order online)
  • straw or bubble wand
  • 1 clean glove or sock
  • jar or similar container


download1. Mix the drinking water, dish soap and glycerin together in container.

2. Let sit overnight.

That’s it! Extremely easy and will provide hours of entertainment. Take to the park and use like a regular bubble solution–use the straw or bubble wand to create fun bubbles that kids can catch using the glove or sock. Make a game out of seeing how many bubbles they can catch. So fun!


Photo/tutorial credit: http://www.playathomemomllc.com/2011/09/bouncing-bubbles-2/


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