What’s in your Mystery Bag: Plantable Paper!

Spring is nearly upon us (finally)! I am so excited to watch things begin to bloom and grow once again. Central Park just isn’t as fun without the great lawn full of green grass.

In celebration of the start of the growing season, here’s a craft I’ve been SO excited to share! It is totally affordable and perfect for #sensiblekids that like to get messy. And, it makes a great gift! You can find the original tutorial here. So, without further ado…

Plantable Paper Heartsheart complete


  • Paper or colored paper
  • Food coloring (if you don’t have colored paper)
  • Thin seeds (Blank Eyed Susan’s work great)
  • Cookie cutter
  • Screen
  • Warm weather or a hair dryer


1. Tear paper into little pieces and place in bowl. (This is something kids will love to do!)

2. Add warm water.  Add food coloring too, if needed.

3. Let paper soak for a few hours or even overnight. The smaller the pieces of paper, the faster they’ll soak up the water!

paper pulp

4. Blend paper into a pulp using a blender or hand mixer.

5. Drain the water out of the mixture without squeezing–it still needs to be spreadable.

6. Add seeds and mix using hands (don’t use blender for this step as it may damage the seeds).

7. Set up your screen. Put a paper towel down and then a cooling rack on top of it.  Place your screen on top of the cooling rack.

8. Hold your cookie cutter tight to the screen and spoon a dollop of paper pulp into it. Use the spoon to spread the pulp evenly. Make sure it’s not too thin to start because it will dry much thinner!


9. Once your screen is filled, leave them out to dry in the sun. If you don’t have access to sun, speed up the drying process with a hair dryer or box fan. You want them to dry as quickly as possible so that the seeds don’t begin to sprout!

10. Carefully remove from screen when totally dry.

11. Plant them according to the directions on the seed packet. If you give them as gifts, make sure to include instructions. (Hint: write them on one side of the heart!)



Original tutorial and photo credit: http://jamonkey.com/diy-recycled-seed-paper-heart-valentines/#5c4OTUMZ86f3RklE.99

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